A New World Of Work, Part V: Navigating The New World Of Work

Throughout this series, “A New World of Work” has explored and reviewed the ever-evolving state of the staffing sector and the rise of the gig economy. This fifth and penultimate installment of the series examines how organizations can create a plan to engage with this workforce safely. Businesses using gig workers are certainly satisfying both specific and opportunistic needs; however, the growing presence of these workers in the new world of work requires a more strategic approach.

Urgency is key when it comes to gig working, so businesses must act fast in order to get the most out of what are often highly time-sensitive situations. As gig working becomes seemingly inevitable, companies must identify how they can safely and quickly engage with this workforce. Creating and implementing standard operating procedures will allow businesses to harness the power of this new development at a strategic level while also mitigating the risk of deemed employment.

The subject of gig working is typically considered to be one isolated area of a business’s personnel strategy. However, in a world where this type of deployment is increasingly commonplace, a more strategic adoption of this phenomenon has to become a business imperative to safeguard both the business and the gig worker. Therefore, it is essential for companies to understand how they currently engage with gig workers and in doing so, acknowledge the different types of gigs that each require their own tailored approach.

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