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Ask an Expert: Yvonne Low

In our new Ask an Expert series, we spoke to Yvonne Low about her role in Capital GES.

About Yvonne
Yvonne joined Capital GES in October 2017, initially joining the Compliance team until moving on in June 2018 to support the Client Service team as Client Service Manager. Yvonne is based at the Capital GES Headquarters in Switzerland. Before joining Capital GES, Yvonne lived in the UK and worked in large financial services organisations. Her previous roles were predominantly in HR as well as client-facing roles consulting on employee relations matters. This experience has enriched her knowledge of the complexities of operating within an employment legal framework.

Q: Describe your role? And how has it evolved?
My day-to-day role is predominantly supporting the Client Service team in a number of ways which include undertaking activities to meet client needs across EMEA. The move from the Compliance team to the Client Service team has given me the opportunity to see how Capital’s employment solutions are implemented in practice.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your job?
The most challenging part of my role and for the Client Service team is finding solutions that fit with our clients’ business needs and expectations whilst balancing the requirement to comply with local employment legislation.

Q: Most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of my job is having the opportunity to be part of a great team of people who all have a common goal to do their best for our clients. The Client Service team have a breadth of knowledge and experience whilst also having an appreciation of the intricacies involved in employing in countries across EMEA. These intricacies make every day an education!

Q: What do you think will change fundamentally in the next 12 months?
We’ve been working on some new technology that will help us support our clients effectively as we continue to grow, so I expect this to make considerable changes to the way we work. I know that the research team are working on new territories as well, so I’m expecting plenty of variety over the coming year!

Q: What do you consider to be the most important factor when building client relationships? 
I believe that the key to building effective client relationships is to understand each of our clients and their needs. This enables us to empathise with the challenges they face, share our knowledge and partner with them in the business decisions they make.

Q: What’s something important that you’ve learned since starting your new role?
As part of my role in the Compliance team, it was vital to know about the different legal requirements across EMEA, and to share this knowledge with other teams. Since starting my new role as Client Service Manager I learned how imperative it is for the Client Service team to work collaboratively with all teams at Capital GES and our clients, to collectively resolve queries, share knowledge, and find solutions for a whole range of activities relating to payroll, employment agreements, employment working practices, invoicing, and many others.

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