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Case Study: A Company Testing New Markets in Asia Pacific

In this blog post, we look at a case study on a company testing new markets in the Asia Pacific region


US Company


Asia Pacific (APAC)


An established US Fintech company that wanted to expand into the Asia Pacific region contacted Capital GES a few months ago for advice. The company had decided that APAC would be the first location to expand internationally and wanted a quick and cost-effective solution that could help them test a new market and have a worker employed swiftly.

As the company had no prior knowledge of the APAC market, it’s labour laws and uncertain whether they should set up an entity, they asked Capital GES to employ and manage their sales representative.


After providing the US Company with all the necessary in country information including how labour laws in the APAC region differ from the US and what to watch out for, we set up the employment contracts so that Capital GES would become the legal employer of the worker and manage the entire employment relationship.

Our Employer of Record (EOR) solution put the client at ease knowing that they were going to be compliant in country, and the worker was happy to be employed with a local contract under the local legislation.


With Capital GES’s help, this Fintech Company was able to test out a foreign market without having the burden of having to research all the aspects of employing someone abroad, and at a lower cost than setting up an entity.

Since implementing the EOR solution, Capital GES stays in regular contact with both the worker and the client and advises on any questions that can pop up throughout the employment.

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