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Change and Progression

This year has seen so much transformation and even as it draws to a close, the world remains in flux. These changes have had a massive impact on the staffing industry and indeed, provided Capital with the impetus to evolve the brand. We started 2016 as Capital Consulting and now we bid the year farewell as Capital Global Employment Solutions, a change fuelled by the ever-increasing interest in the global employment sector and the opportunities and advantages it offers firms seeking to work internationally. We certainly feel strongly that the business is now where it should be – at the leading edge of international employment solutions, but as we look back on 2016 we appreciate that we are in an industry where progress will become a byword.

In 2016 we have seen more public consideration than ever of the gig economy, the sharing economy and the complex moral and political problems that these emerging markets are raising. Each of these new ways of working makes us question and reconsider engagement methods, and in many cases highlights how far we have yet to go in terms of legislation and regulation.

Indeed, many of these emerging markets either fall between the cracks or don’t exist at all from a legal and regulatory perspective. Both companies and individuals trying to navigate this space therefore operate within an area which is only governed by rules created for other business types, which is clearly problematic for everyone involved.

Our market has evolved considerably over the past year, with many new players entering the arena and ever more new faces becoming familiar as we meet at various events. Overall I feel that we work in an open and fair market, one which is well served by companies with a diverse product offering, varying levels of service, and more or less international experience and expertise. And this is will be important moving forward, because as we witness the end of civil politics whereby warring politicians remove the spotlight from the issues that remain a priority for voters, employment and workers’ rights will, increasingly, be shaped and regulated externally from formal Government.

2016 has also seen us expand considerably as a company; our growth in LATAM and EMEA has been very exciting and promises interesting times for the group in 2017 and beyond. And as the maxim dictates, the irony of these interesting times is not lost on us as we continue to translate the complexities of these regions’ labour laws, political uncertainties, and diverse opportunities.

Importantly, as we come to the end of this eventful year, I’d like to thank our staffing industry clients, our partners, our competitors, and most of all our fantastic staff for an exciting and rewarding year which has pushed us to also fulfil our full potential. We look forward to the year ahead with all of you and to the challenges and opportunities it will bring.

Merry Christmas, and here’s to 2017!

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