Our Employer of Record (EoR) / International PEO solutions enable staffing organisations and foreign businesses to expand into France and hire employees without the need to establish a new corporate entity.

We take care of the entire employment relationship including managing all social security costs, social benefits and statutory rights afforded to the employee. The best part is that our EoR solutions are completely managed by the Capital GES team, allowing you to concentrate on international expansion. 

Interested in doing business in France? Here are the top five things you need to know: 

1. Fixed-Term Contracts
Contrat à Durée Déterminée (CDD) is a fixed-term contract covering a specific duration of employment. While there is no minimum time period, the length of a CDD cannot exceed the maximum authorised length of between 9-24 months, depending on the type of contract. 

2. Working Hours
The legal working hours in France are fixed at 35 hours per week. Workers are also entitled to 11 consecutive hours of rest between each working day and one consecutive 35-hour period of rest per week, which is usually a weekend. 

3. Annual Leave
All employees in France are entitled to two and a half days of paid leave per month worked, which equates to five full weeks of holiday per year with Saturdays considered in the calculation as working days. 

4. Public Holidays
There are 11 national public holidays in France. When national holidays fall on a Tuesday or Thursday employees are commonly allowed to take Monday or Friday off and make it into a long weekend, with many companies choosing to close on these days. 

5. Firing/Dismissals
Employees may only be dismissed for a specific reason that is recognised by French Statute or by French Case Law. The dismissal procedure on disciplinary grounds is very formalised and failure to follow the procedural steps may result in the Courts overturning the decision and ordering for the employee to be reinstated. 

If you are looking to expand your workforce in France (or any other of the 30 countries we operate in) without the burden of registering an entity and incurring significant expense and administration then please get in touch with Nick Broughton at Capital GES on +44 7539 337 563 or email Nick.Broughton@Capital-GES.com

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For more detailed information on employment matters in France, including statutory benefits, employment regulations and contract requirements, download our free guide today or contact our team for a free consultation. ​​