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Mary’s Merry Concerns

Today we have received an interesting request in our inbox that we wanted to share with you all.

A woman from the northern part of Finland, called Mary, contacted us on behalf of her husband. Her husband has a job to perform, and she wanted to make sure that he will be compliant and legal performing this job. These two factors are extremely important as he has a very strong reputation and does not want to tarnish his name or be on the naughty list!

She explained to us that:

He has already started work, from his Home Office in Finland. However, during the Christmas period he will be travelling constantly for two days on the 24th and 25th of December. He will be travelling globally, visiting every country in the world and working predominantly at night.

Mary’s initial question was: where will his tax be due and does he need to have a special authorization to be working at night?

Her other concerns were regarding expenses. What can her husband declare as expenses and remain compliant? The reason for this question is that not only will he have extremely high mileage but will also have to purchase many carrots before his trip in order to fuel his ride.  Are these items he can expense and offset his tax burden?

Lastly, her final point of concern was around the risk of deemed employment. Her husband is working on his own accord but has many little helpers that work with him in the months up to Christmas. He does not take orders from anybody but receives many requests and wishes from customers.

He also travels with bags full of gifts to give to his customers throughout his travels. He not only gives away tons and tons of gifts he also finds himself accepting gifts in return such as cookies, mince pies, warm milk and many other tasty goodies.

Mary’s worry is whether he can accept these gifts, without having to declare them to the taxman.

We listened to Mary’s questions and reassured her where we could and said that she had nothing to worry about because after all her husband is: Santa Claus!

Capital GES wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and we will see you in the New Year.

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