As this method of co-employment is not a legitimate option in most countries outside of the US, Employer of Record (EoR) is used to fulfil this function internationally. 

Capital GES EoR services take care of the entire employment relationship along with all social security costs, social benefits and statutory rights afforded to the employee, enabling organisations to concentrate on core business matters. 

We employ your workers directly on a local payroll and report all relevant details to you as well as provide a monthly invoice. 

Why choose Capital GES EoR services?

Workforce flexibility

Engaging contractors through EoR services is an effective way of responding to fluctuations in personnel demand.

Growth without cost

Our expertise operating around the world means that you can expand your workforce into new territories without the hassle of setting up a new branch. 

Quick setup

Whether you are looking to hire a remote worker in a new location or to expand your services further afield, Capital GES EoR solutions allow you start doing business without the administration costs, overheads and delays associated with expanding into a new territory. 

Minimise administration

Capital GES EoR services mean you no longer have the burden of onboarding and managing payroll for workers.


With Capital GES, your workforce will be paid on time, every time so that you can focus on your business. 

Local expertise

Capital GES provides services all over the world and so we have a deep understanding of local labour laws. 

No upfront costs

Unless clearly stated otherwise, Capital GES’s fees are all-inclusive and we do not charge setup costs or any other ad-hoc fees.


Once you know what salary and benefits you want to offer your employee, Capital GES will advise you on the costs of providing these, along with any local requirements that may be relevant.

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