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PRESS RELEASE: Capital GES extends their global Employer of Record services to Singapore

Capital GES, a leading provider of global employment outsourcing solutions, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Employer of Record solution. Following a period of rapid growth and client demand, Capital GES is now extending their Employer of Record service to Singapore. 

Speaking about the company’s recent expansion into Asia, Matt Walters, Chief Operating Officer Capital GES, said “We are pleased to announce the extension of our global employer of record services to Asia, starting with Singapore. Over the last year, we have experienced significant interest from our clients looking for employment solutions in this leading world economy; we are very happy to announce we are now in a position to offer this to our customers.” 

Asia is the latest region for Capital GES, who are known for providing world-class EOR services across Europe, Latin America and South Africa. With over 25 years of experience, Capital GES has achieved market-leading status through providing in-house tailor-made employment and payment solutions.  

Nick Broughton, Chief Revenue Officer also notes, “This is an exciting time for the company, and the extension of our service offering into Asia is a great step for the company’s global growth. Capital GES is renowned for providing solutions using in-house expertise and knowledge, and we look forward to providing clients with our unparalleled levels of service and advice in Singapore.” 


Capital GES look forward to providing clients with our unparalleled levels of service and advice in SingaporeIf you would like to know more about our employment solution, contact us on +41 32 732 9700 or email  

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