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Remote Working – From a HR and Recruitment Perspective

In this second article of our remote working series, we give you a view of remote working from an HR perspective.

With many experts and commentators in the HR and recruitment space suggesting that remote workers will become the future of business, employers now recognise that this shift can be advantageous.

See below for our 4 key points that highlight how the engagement of remote workers can benefit both HR decision makers and corporations alike.

1. Access to a wider talent pool

Most HR and Recruitment specialists agree that sourcing outstanding talent is becoming harder and harder in their local markets. However, not only are top candidates hard to secure (or prize away from their current roles) but incumbent staff members may look to work abroad or move for family reasons.

Certainly by choosing the option of employing remote workers, you open the door to recruit a far wider range of staff. You can recruit employees from all over the globe which will enable you to find the perfect talent match.

2. Cost saving

If you work with telecommuting workers, you will notice a decrease in fixed costs such as rental of office space, furniture and technology costs, etc. According to an article in Forbes Magazine, “American Express had annual savings of $10 million to $15 million thanks to its remote work options”.

Firstly, working remotely can, in the right circumstances, increase the individual worker’s productivity. With no commute time, there can be a decrease in stress levels, and workers can begin their day quicker and happier. Just like our remote workers mentioned in our article, working from home can allow for increased efficiency with fewer coffee breaks, office distractions and unplanned meetings that break up your day.

Consequently, when it comes to hiring remote workers, not only can you decrease your business overheads, but the increased productivity can be a major positive factor across the board.

3. Employee engagement

Just like all our remote workers mentioned, working from home can increase loyalty and engagement. If you take out the stress of traffic jams, long commutes and the other day-to-day aspects of actually getting to the office you will have happier, more focused and more engaged employees. The trust and autonomy given can be viewed as a significant benefit.

In fact, many articles have shown that having remote workers reduces staff turnover. If you are open to change, accept working flexibility and having remote workers, your employee satisfaction will remain high which will help reduce turnover.

Finally, having the best candidates in the market provides you with a competitive advantage, as well as not having to re-invest in valuable resources to find new talent.

4. It is the future

Millennials and Gen Z are the future of the workforce, and these generations have very precise ideas about how and where they want to work. According to an article in, millennials want to have a high degree of flexibility and freedom. Therefore, in order for companies to attract these types of workers, the workplace is undergoing a huge transformation.

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At Capital GES, we help you employ remote workers in countries where you do not have an entity. This enables you to have access to a far wider talent pool, as you can recruit globally, with the reassurance that we, at Capital GES can help you employ them.

By using Capital GES, not only will you have less fixed costs because you will not have to any office space or other fixed bills, you will also not have the high cost and multiple headaches in trying to set up in a foreign country.

If you are considering expanding your business and hiring staff, contact us at or phone +41 32 732 9700 or +1 833 972 6346 and a member of our team will be in touch.

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