That is why Capital GES provides contracting solutions for staffing companies and individual contractors. We manage all legislative, administrative and tax burdens so that international contracts can be completed in the safest and most profitable manner.

Our 25 years’ experience and vast local knowledge of more than 25 countries means that we are best-placed to deliver an effective contract management service and tax-efficient strategy for agencies and independent contractors alike, while ensuring they remain completely compliant locally at all times. 

Why choose Capital GES contractor payroll services? 

Full service

Engaging with Capital GES to manage international contracts provides staffing companies and contractors with a full payroll service within that country. 

Prompt payment

We pay salaries and any reimbursable expenses promptly at the end of each month, before we receive payment ourselves.

Liabilities paid

We will calculate all relevant income tax and social security liabilities and, wherever possible, ensure these amounts are remitted to the correct authorities.

Insurance provided

All employed contractors are covered by our company insurances, including third party liability, professional indemnity and professional travel insurance for themselves and any accompanying family members.

No hidden fees

We always charge an all-inclusive monthly fee, without any extras or setup costs.

Monthly statements

We send monthly earnings statements showing all payments and deductions.

In-house solutions and expertise

Unlike many other companies, all of our payroll solutions are managed in-house. This means that we will always answer any questions that staffing companies and contractors might have both promptly and accurately. 

Flexibility and peace of mind

Contractors can still enjoy the flexibility of their work with the peace of mind of PAYE employment and complete compliance with local tax legislation.

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