Our international IC compliance checking solutions allow you to manage the risk surrounding engagements with self-employed personnel and avoid the pitfalls of false self-employment across Europe, southern Africa and Latin America.

Our recommendations will help you to expand your business safely and ensure that you and your workforce are operating compliantly in every location.

Why choose Capital GES IC Compliance services?

25 Years' Experience 

Local expertise

Capital GES provides services all over the world and so we have a deep understanding of local labour laws.

Speed of Response

Unlike many other companies, all of our solutions are managed in-house. This means that we are able to evaluate worker status and provide recommendations promptly and accurately, typically within a day. 

In House Knowledge

Our in-house legal and compliance team have developed a process which can efficiently verify whether a worker is classified as an independent contractor or an employee.

Minimal Administration

By using Capital GES we can minimise your administration burdens giving you peace of mind by ensuring your self-employed personnel are properly classified. 

All-inclusive Cost

Unless clearly stated otherwise, Capital GES’s fees are all-inclusive and we do not charge setup costs or any other ad-hoc fees.

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